Monday, March 4, 2013

Smashing Sachin, Crouching Wade

Stewart Monckton, my blogger friend from Melbourne, who is  a Birdwatcher, Biologist, Bushwalker, Booklover and Ex-pat from UK, clicked this wonderful cricket capture , in his backyard. 

Please also see his wonderful second blog "Paying Ready Attention : Thoughts on the Natural World"

With the ongoing Test cricket series between Australia and India , happening in various cities India, and right now in Hyderabad, naturally, the stance of the cricket (insect) reminded me of something.

Sachin Tendulkar who was then yet to bat (and is now back in the pavilion to the great disappointment of every one including Stewart), naturally figured in my thoughts. 

Maybe I should simply call this guy below, Mathew Wade.....

He slowly crouched,
eyes focused,
mind antennas sharp,
keeping wickets,
as the wind came in to bowl.

But Sachin Tendulkar
at the crease
meant something else.

The ball smashed
under him
as he bent to
hold a catch,
and the leafy umpire,
simply waved
his arms in the air,
to declare four runs.....

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