Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Power Smiles......

My FB and blogger friend Nandan Tavanandi, posted this amazing click of a "smiling" crocodile, clicked  from a boat in the Chambal River , at the National Chambal Sanctuary, Murena.   While on a photo trek with Nature India.

Please see some amazing visuals here on his blogpost

Such visuals are not new to me since  one has seen crocs and alligators similarly sunning themselves on jutting rocks, in the local lake in Mumbai , on whose banks, I have resided.

The only possible difference is, that, these days, some crocodiles, have reason to smile. Widely.

In a lake
now choc a bloc
with silt
sewage and garbage
of every corrupt variety,

he glides
in and out
like an amphibian in power.

He bites the innocent ones,
swallows the weak,
and decapitates
those who dare to
put up a fight,
soon tiring,
and emerging
to enjoy his place
in a despairing Sun
on a helpless rock.

He smiles.

No one can touch him,
born as he is,
with his own Z++++ security.