Sunday, March 24, 2013

Black Dogs, White Thoughts.....

Bozo, Mumbai's celebrated dog-with-his-own-blog,  pretends to be a dog of the world, but mostly lapses back into being a simple home loving chap almost immediately.  He is also now on Facebook. 

His folks are currently away visiting in the Queen's land, and other places, and they communicate electronically with him, and Bozo has been noticing the increasing reference to a certain Black Dog  in many of Magiceye's postings

 Magiceye sent him this photo from a place they must have visited.

And Bozo, smart fellow that he is, has certainly  learnt something...... 

Ever since
FaceBook happened
in my Life,
it's been fun
meeting folks from far away
and seeing
wonderful photos.

My folks
who are
in the Queen's country
also keep sending me photos,
like this one.

As well as visiting places
and then coming back
and enjoying
the company
a Black Dog.

Now I understand,
why they sent me this picture...

They see me
in these fellows,
particularly ,
the youngest
and they see my thoughts
in the eyes
of these three.

I understand.
About the youngest.

The Black Dog.

I await their return.

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