Saturday, March 16, 2013


My FB friend  Pandit Gourang Kodical-ji , posted this visual on FB.  Panditji, with a very illustrious music career, and a career in banking , is now retired, and delights his many friends on FB, with some very perceptive anecdotes, jokes and visuals.

Please read more about him here .   

The sheer inertia and expression with which the larger monkey lay on the branch, with its limbs hanging limply, eyes half open,   brought home the times in which we live today.

She lies,
limbs hanging lax,
weighed down
under the mass
of corrupt scams,

power medications
shameless inertia,
inability to deal with it all.

The ordinary one,
taking time off
from earning a daily
honest living,
comes by,
to pay his
respectful taxes,
because someone said
a visit might work,
to scratch and rub her back,
hoping she might
feel good,
wake up,
and try becoming
the wonderful person she was,
aeons ago.....

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