Monday, March 4, 2013

The Show must go on......

This regal capture of a peacock sedately stepping , was clicked and posted on FB, by Pintueli Gajjar , who besides being a friend of my FB and Blogger friend Sangeeta Khanna   is a trained artist,  an avid biker/trekker (having done the likes of Khardung La treks from Manali etc),  a birder, and an environmental educationist.  She is also a grandmother.

 The serious grace of the bird, the dry , barely green surroundings, and the very royal pomp-loving attitude in the photo, kind of reminded me of several protocols followed by us in Official functions in India, where the President visits.  Particularly, the measured cadence in which he walks in to Parliament when he addresses both houses.

The King,
in solitary splendour,
in his imperial Regalia
leading the procession

the Forest Parliament,
for a Joint Session
of the Lower and Upper Forests.

It's just that
disappearing streams,
loss of green
due to cutting of trees,
and polluting the only good river
with industrial effluents
not to mention
whizzing tourists in jeeps,
have sent
all the MP's
to their constituencies
deep in the jungle.

No ADC's,
no turbanned guards,
just curious bipeds
squinting and clicking
in a bemused
midday Sun.

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  1. Thank you for my pic! :) And your poetry is lovely!