Sunday, March 3, 2013

Innocent minds, Simple solutions.....

FB friend of Bozo and amazing gardener Anuradha Philar, posted this interesting photo on Bozo's timeline on FB. Although Bozo has almost always faced the camera and never gone behind it,  he knows his best pictures come from a family Canon, clicked by Magiceye..

This fellow, is using a Nikon, with all the associated paraphernalia, including his master's sunglasses for effect.  But somewhere, Bozo wondered why the tongue was out.

And then he found out. Read on ....

I've been fascinated
by cameras,
ever since
someone would point
it at me and click.

But I never saw
what they could see
through the camera....

One day,
I got my hands on the stuff,
wore the safety belt
around my neck,
used a tripod for support,
and looked
through the viewfinder.

breaking and burning things,
beating those weaker than them,
shouting slogans,
molesting women
and little girls,
some other folks
unwilling to help,
and lots of shouting
when someone
who looked powerful
would arrive.

I didn't like
what I saw,
and I didn't want to click.

At all.

I just licked the viewfinder clean........

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