Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Noble Metals....

This brilliant capture of a Greenshank on the beach at Surathkal, near Mangalore , in the south, on India's Western Coast, is by my blog and FB friend Nandan Tavanandi.

This juxtaposition of the flowing Gold, and the foaming Silver rolling in, the molten reflections, and the simplicity of the Greenshank, alighting there, from a long trip from the Arctic regions, makes for an out of this world photo opportunity, very few might enjoy.

And then again, to be able to click it all , with such finesse and quiet, is a gift from the Gods. 

from the Arctic winter
in search
of a better life,
like so many,

he flies
across a troubled land,
cursed in the moment
with folks
to be noble and in power,
having brought
the ordinary citizenry
to its knees....

Way down South,
he alights,
amidst the
Gold and The Silver,
rushing in
again and again
in waves and light
to comfort the land.

This Gold and Silver,
not for those in power,
but for all
whose sweat and tears
make the metals shine.

They were Noble Metals ,
weren't they ?


  1. wow!!!!!

  2. What a noble thought! Gold and silver... Who would have thought of that connection. I am so inspired to be able to pen some poetry at least half as good as all your poems!