Saturday, March 2, 2013

Inspirations for Bollywood

This photo  captioned LIFE = Cofee + VadaPao, was posted by my FB and  photoblogger  friend Joshi Daniel.   This isn't  the sort of photo he normally  posts, and I do not know if this is actually Joshi Daniel , or his friend.

The more important ingredients here are really the coffee and the Vada Pao, the former possibly being a wonderful traditionally made south Indian filter coffee, and the latter , a  Mumbai speciality, that now figures in the "40 Mumbai Foods we cannot live without".....

Wonder what the coffee thinks.....

waiting patiently,
halfheartedly watching
through the glass,
her once loyal Pao,

now being led astray
by the hot
voluptuous Vadaa
in no uncertain terms
by the
item number chutney

Harking back
to the days
when she and the Pao
a dunking time together,
she sighs
and says ,
"What a life, man,
what a life !"

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