Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Centuries at Lodi.....

Doulous Jose, a new blogger friend, thanks to Bozo Amembal, did a great post on his visit to the Lodi Gardens in New Delhi.

Imposing monuments, wide green expanses, some landscaped and some inclusive of old trees that live according to their own different timetable.  Do read his wonderful post here ,  where he describes the poetic splendour after actually spending some time there.

This poem is courtesy Bozo Amembal who lives in Mumbai, and  really doesn't think he will be visiting Lodi Gardens anytime soon.  But it doesn't stop him from fantasizing about the trees there.....

(Photo by Doulous Jose)
The grasses
respectfully prostrated
around the tombs and mosques,

Orderly shady trees,
renewed and curated
at a respectable distance,
in sober attitude,
but one tree,
that moves with the seasons,
green birth,
shedding of leafy youth,
and then again,
the travails of
a bare old age.

A lone message
that says,
births and deaths
are just the seasons
in our history.
In whichever way we can,
that Life goes on ......


  1. what a lovely ode to one of my favourite places !

  2. lodhi garden is my fav fav fav place in delhi!!!!!

    what a lovely poem :)

  3. and so many birds there...lovely place.