Monday, September 5, 2011

Appreciating in style.......

Still partaking and enjoying the treasure chest of wonderful photos from Sangeeta Khanna's Kullu-Khardung La MTB Cycling Expedition photos.

The region, renowned for its stark and bare mountains, shows an interesting structure to the rock. Layers upon layers, like slabs of stone arranged with geometric appreciation, even extending to gaps and turns and elevations of plains.

But Sangeeta photographed something, which tells of the immense perseverance of the flowering plant, as it finds its way through the labrynth of pathways inside the rockface, to finally emerge , out into the Himalayan sun.

Much like a bunch of intrepid ladies, braving flooded roads, narrow paths, deep gorges, and mountain peaks, to emerge smiling , in their pink windcheaters, onto the sunny ,rocky plains.

(photo by Sangeeta Khanna)
Layers upon layers
in tough precision,
formal angles,
and gaps
the straight and the endless,
to form
across centuries,
a tough geometry rockface.

But just like a
strict and tough father,
to become,
in the face of a grandchild,
a magically

So this
tough millennium rock
shrugs a bit,
to allow a flowering
Pink greeting
to emerge through its gaps
to grace its
normally angry face.

No, its not becoming soft.

But there is a huge
group of young ladies
in pink windcheaters,
cycling by
in an expedition,
and grandfather types
must smile
and applaud....
in matching style....

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