Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cycling in the clouds.....

Blogger friend, creative cook, cricket crazy individual, avid trekker,  Hitchwriter aka Dhiren,  who lives in Bharuch, Gujarat , has earlier appeared on these pages , whenever he cooked interesting things for the missus,  posted photos, and wanted the world to know.  Poems were composed, and folks salivated at the visuals.

He is now shortly off on the MTB Cycle Expedition in  Himachal Pradesh, that runs from 30th September onwards.

This  Hindi poem is dedicated to his immense enthusiasm ....

(photo used with permission of Dhiren Shah)

पायडल मार, तू पायडल मार
भरूच वाला,  तू   होशियार ,
दोन्हो तरफ तेरे,  भव्य देवदार,
पर्वतके बुलावे का मत कर इनकार ,
फूलों तारोंके संगीत तू सुन एक बार 
झर्नेके नीचे धीरेन-लीला थंडगार ,
बादालोमे  घूम घूम कर,  कर तू विहार,
बारिश की गीचड में मत पड बार बार ,
हिमाचल के रास्तों पर तेरा मुक्त संचार ,
तेरे पीछे सौ लड़कियां सायकल पर सवार ,
एक क्रिकेटी आदमी, और सौ नार ,
आगे देख के मूर प्लेटो कर पार ,
 भरूच वाला,  तू   होशियार ,
लेकिन, भूल मत , तू सिर्फ पायडल मार......


  1. LOL yes Pedal Maar indeed :D But do you know Suranga he is not even going to do any pedaling - he will be in a car :)

  2. IHM Shhaa ! And I thought he was running in Bharuch everyday (and posting on FB about it) because he was going to cycle.....:-)

  3. I never said I was going to cycle ! I was to encourage others who would be. pedalling infact my job is to get more people to know bout this event which is major tourism promotion activity undertaken by himachal's govt !

  4. hehe..such a cute poem though. it can very well inspire/motivate the others who will be pedalling! :D :D

  5. I have been running and training but thats to get the belly in. Must look in good shape in any case. My wife though who cant take such a long leave is the least bit amused. :-P:-P:-P