Monday, September 5, 2011

Himalayan Dentistry

Dipping once again into this almost infinite sink of lovely photos, clicked by Sangeeta , on the recently concluded Kullu Khardung La MTB Cycle Expedition.

One of the advantages of a ground trip, is that you get to see interesting setups like these, in the rockfaces.

And any effort to associate any technology with these, fails majorly. As you can see below .

(photo by Sangeeta Khanna)
Like the old lady
with tough gums
but crooked teeth,
the rockface
appears to joyfully smile
the uneven
molars and incisors.

The cycling expedition
dentist lady
wonders if
braces, crowns
and root canals
would be useful.

And a soft wind
from the top,
the little grasses,
in a direction,
where the water flows
in the gorge,
as if to say,
"My canals,
and my crowns
are here

As for the braces,
Brace yourself
for some outstanding
Tibetan food
a few miles from here !"