Friday, September 16, 2011

Leftover Inspirations.....

Some folks I know sneak into the kitchen when the missus is away, go haywire with the leftovers, get blinded by the awesome colors, stir it all up, and then sit and eat it, all by themselves with single minded devotion. Wiping it all up .

Then they post it on FB. With all the pictures. For us beginners to learn :-)

Then some beginners make poems. :-)))


    (all photographs and eating by Dhiren Shah of Bharuch)
Ramleela grounds
and Dhiren Leela

At Ram's,
old and young,
page 3 illiterates,
Page 1 crorepatis,
show business and artists
officers and others,
sang and shouted slogans
Anna broke his fast....

At Dhiren's
poor tired Rice,
playful Moong,
slim Fatakda Mirchi,
page 3 Gajar-on-a diet,
Posh Spice Gobi Pattas,
Weeping Tomatoes ,
to join.

They hesitated,
and the Chidambaram Adrak,
Chilly sauce,
led by the Noodle police
rushed in,
stirring it all up.

That's when
the Bharuchi
broke his 12 hour fast


  1. and then I dream
    of walking into a mumbai home...

    aroma of a sabudana khichdi draws me..
    to a very affectionate twinkling welcome..

    lil do the innocents know...
    deviousness on my mind...

    her trophy...
    my eyes set on it... :P :P

  2. 12 hr fast! Ha ha ha! Classic Suranga :)

  3. ha ha ha ...this one is classic really :)

  4. and then some who are good at nothing like me Read this all on one ARTICLE and enjoy it alll :) THANKS to you ...

    loved the poem made me smile :)