Monday, September 5, 2011

Lethargically to Leh.....

Sangeeta Khanna and her friends were not the only folks traveling on the high altitude Leh Manali Highway, as part of their Kullu-Khardung La MBT Cycle Expedition.

Among the several pictures available in her album here, one stands out for the sheer bovine expanse of a certain creature, ambling along prosperously, as the skin and bones assistants hovered around in a "suitable" subservient manner ...

Just reminded me of something .......

India Against Corruption
gets a clarion call
from the
higher elevations.

Elevated ministers*****
of stealing fodder.....
are you terribly surprised,
at this
massive prosperous
looking chap
in the centre,
with a black mark against him,
trying to stay ahead
of his
skin and bones
chamchaas ?****

**** chamchaas : local word for yes-men of politicians

***** Certain chief minster was/is an accused in a massive fodder scam. He was elevated to the central cabinet. (Cheating people is one thing, but cheating cows and bulls ? )

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