Monday, September 5, 2011

The Art of the Bagha

One more amazing photograph from Sangeeta Khanna , who was part of the Kullu to Khardung La MTB Himalayan Cycling expedition .

On the Manali - Leh road, cycling on narrow roads on the Moore plains, between mountain peaks on one side, and deep, deep gorges on the other, wonderstruck by naturally formed rock faces, yes, actual faces, being created by possibly , the natural elements and the willful flow of the Bagha river, eroding the rocky banks.

Its as if the river , carrying memories of the ages, simply deposits them , perennially on the rocks.

The simple faces, proudly stand.

It reminded me of something else, carved into mountains. Commissioned, in the US. Presidents, On the peaks. By humans.

This then, is in honor of the ordinary man, the hard working Ladakhi villager Nature's Own, the River Bagha......

(photo by Sangeeta Khanna)
Pink windcheaters
on a solitary road
fluttering against
mountain peaks
and a deep gorge.

The Bagha River,
deep below,
cutting a path,
millennium memories
of civilizations,
ordinary folks,
kings, queens, children.

she cuts a figure
ice cold water
eroding a compliant stone.

And they sit
in stark opulence,
in honor
of those
simple folks,
of centuries ago.

Some commission
their presidents
in Stone, on mountain peaks.

And some
are a continuing process
at honoring
the ordinary,
by the Bagha,
creating history,
as she rushes
below the Moore plains
to meet the
River Chandra...


  1. That's exactly what these mountains reminded me of too!!!!!!

  2. It was like an art gallery spread across miles in a deep deep gorge... these figures commissioned by the forces of nature were looking like a whole civilization actually.

    Thank you for gracing my pictures..

  3. IHM,Sangeeta,Bikram That the photos can elicit such similar reactions from those sitting in Mumbai and those actually there, is amazing ! Wonderful photos !