Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sip One, Get Two Free.....

Being a doctor means looking into the innards and taking a micro view. So when she visits gardens, my friend Asha, enjoys the wide splashes of color , but often zooms in on the details.

Gardens in Mumbai are a vanishing lot. One just wondered what the bee thought....

(photo by Asha Shangarpawar)

Time was when
was a new garden,
and new nectar;
and it was a party,
for special flowers
in special gardens.

These days,
I see concrete
in place of petals,
and I get tired
flitting around,
like the new Malls,
all the gardens
look the same.

So how lucky is it,
like the Malls,
some gardens
have elevators
and escalators
tired bees.

Cool green
leafy ones,
which when they
nod and
move in the breeze,
take me
to the centre
of my flower;

To now partake
of the special Deal-
Today Only.....

Take One Sip,
and you get free transport
to the next flower
with Two Sips Free....

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