Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sheep sense

A photo of sheep trudging along te Manali Leh Highway, as clicked by blogger friend Sangeeta Khanna, as a member of the Kullu Khardung La MTB cycle Expedition.

They probably encountered all types of vehicles , including ladies on bicycles, as they manoeuvred the narrow roads, with huge peaks on one side, and deep gorges on the other.

But with all the trekking the sheep do, they, unlike us, so called intelligent bipeds, follow certain strict rules, as is clear from the photo.

Read on.

(photo by Sangeeta Khanna)
They are always
on a trek
in life.

Hotfooting it
on the Manali Leh highway,
through slushes
and landslides
with their
biped manager.

Dodging large cars,
ladies in pink
as they look
for meadows and streams

What is amazing
that on
narrow paths,
the elders
with horns
always occupy
the difficult path
at the edge of the road
looking down into a gorge,
keeping the young ones,
on the trudge
up the mountain.

And we think
our brains have evolved !


  1. Animal instincts are far more evolved than human brain and we humans use the term 'animal instincts' in derogatory contexts many times.

  2. Ha!!! Good point :) That is a great photo....

  3. Sangeeta Typical Humans ! :-)

    Braja Check out this poetry blog page, where I have given all of Sangeeta's bloglinks.
    (where I first did a poem on a photo by her)


    She is a very highly qualified botanist researcher.