Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Strength in Adversity : Lessons from the Hills

Blogger friend IHM, was a member of the Kuulu Khardung  La MTB Cycle Expedition for Girls , that recently completed its program, and she has posted some of the grand Ladakh landscapes on her well known blog.   Stark treeless landscape, winds eroding continuously, that which has built up over centuries and centuries, through earth movements, and willful flows of rivers, and one wonders if it is telling us something about our minds. 


(all photos by Indian Homemaker)
studded with values
learned and imbibed,
good times
and bad.....

we are overcome
with  the immensity
of it all,
and stay cocooned,
safe and uninvolved.

Winds blow,
some fiercely,
wearing away
the layers
that cover,
and it is easy
to bend
in the direction
of the wind.

But the heroes
are those
who stand firm,
and brave
in the face
 of a wind,
eroding values in society.

And at the end of it all,
their palms together
in a
mass Namaste
to Some One Up There
who lets them be.....


  1. Aww ...Thank you!! I am awed by the power of persistence can erode mighty mountains!!!

  2. They give a standing ovation to the ones who come till this place..
    they know how it is to stand up and walk when the 'forces' are so strong!!!

  3. IHM, Sangeeta I'm just awed by the persistence of two ladies, who prepared for and persisted with the cycling trek, through such a treacherous terrain. Like Sangeeta says, the rocks stand and applaud those come till here.....

  4. wow.. beautiful the poem is as beautiful as the pictures ..