Tuesday, September 13, 2011

High Worship

My friend Dr Asha, recently did a Kailas Manassarovar trip, about a month ago, and among many heavenly sightings, clicked this one, close to the Ashtapad mountain, where "eight steps" or Ashtapads, in the mountain lead to a holy place for the Jains. High up in the Himalayas, at elevations of more than 17,000 feet, breathlessness happens , particularly to folks , unfamiliar and unadjustable to such conditions.

And so I wondered about this "rabbit", which she clicked there....

(photo by Asha Shangarpawar)
Is that a midget bear,
an extra large mouse ?
And they said
it's an Ashtapad Rabbit
possibly in slow motion
in the Himalayas.

And she wondered,
if it was hypothyroid,
with a metabolic syndrome,
leptins and ghrelins
shooting lipids,
making it a great candidate
for bariatric surgery.

And it occurred to her,
still more breathlessly,
the rarefied Ashtapad
high up,
that ,
like the camel,
storing water
for its life in the desert,
was a case
of air being stored inside
to help it gambol around,
doing a Pradakshina of Kailas.....


  1. Interesting thought that...air is stored by the animal in the high altitudes...may be it just got used to it..as we get used....to living in our surroundings...At those high altitudes...every ounce of air is precious..

  2. Lolz on air being stored. This a mermot and we also saw these in the Himalayas.Around pangong they are very friendly with humans n take edibles from their hands.

  3. thats not a bear or rabbit .. lovely pic


  4. I spotted just one Marmot on the way to 'Whiskey Nala' from 'Zing Zing Bar' and the camouflage was so good it was almost invisible in the orange-golden-brown mountains, I lost it within a moment. But in that little glimpse it looked like the cutest combination of a mongoose and an otter :)

  5. Kunal,Sangeeta, Bikram, IHM Folks, thank you for the new information on Mermots. Just updated my knowledge !