Thursday, September 29, 2011

Payasam to the rescue....

This poem was inspired by a friend who posted this.  And it celebrates all those folks who run, day after day, week after week, timing themselves, building stamina, stocking up on carbos and protein and then slowly tapering  off the workout, as the D-day approaches.

This post also celebrates the firm belief that Payasam (a food of the Gods, made from Milk, nuts, grains etc)  aids in winning Marathons. And that sometimes, just sometimes, taking it a bit easy, helps......

 Your body and
your life.
It takes
all kinds of energies,
to live and to run.
The quads, the hamstrings,
the glutes, the intercostals,
are active chaps,
like you,
needing to take it easy.

Sometimes, they crib.
Sometimes, petulantly,
they stiffly resist;
A bit of Volini,
an empathetic rub,
like mumbai traffic
at a changing signal,
they are now
raring to go.

A cool dawn,
watched by a
curious emerging sun,
you slow down as you
the house;
a tap on your knee,
and you look down
to see the quads ,
pulling the hamstrings leg,
"Time to smell the payasam, folks !"........

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