Saturday, September 10, 2011

Life supports

Vikram Hazra,  someone I have known, since he was a teenager, and someone who currently is a very versatile person doing lots of music, photography, writing,  and work of the spiritual type,  posted this photo on FB.   I wonder what was going through his mind . 

Here is what was going through mine :-)

(This is a photo of the Bandra -Worli Sea Link, that connects two suburbs of Bandra and Worli, in Mumbai, and is greatly used as a time saving route by folks going to and from work every day.  One of Mumbai's first modern bridges, Mumbai folks are very proud of it, although they grudgingly pay the toll :-)    )

(photograph by Vikram Hazra)

Two ,
firmly standing,
so approachable
from all angles,
providing an anchoring space
for wayward kids,
older fellows,
and a few
unconcerned about
which way to go in life.

They all clutch and hold on
as these two,
bear the weight
of the sins
of those who rush
thoughtlessly in speed,
and the
mass of humanity
trying to get on
with the business
of Mumbai living ......

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