Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Gentle Celebration....

A photograph by Vikram Hazra, of a typical residential building in Dadar's old leafy Parsi Colony. on a road, possibly leading to what is called Five Gardens. Parsis are Zoroastrians, and have had a leading role to play in making Mumbai what it is today, be it in business, industry, academics, theatre, sports, almost everything, besides blending well into the multicultural multilanguage ethos of Mumbai....

(photo by Vikram Hazra)
Richly geriatric buildings
by the balconies
of experience,
a gentle gent
in a muslin kushti
matching wispy white hair
sipping his
pudina chai....

the hearts in green,
diamonds on the balcony grill,
spades in jharoka design
Aapro Jamshed and Freny
stepping out
to the Parsi Colony Club
for a Navjote...

Life is indeed
a celebration....

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