Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bathing beauties of Shimoga

My blogger and FB friend, Ganesh Balaraman, posted  this wonderful photograph of elephants emerging fresh from their baths, in the Gajanur Dam waters,  in Shimoga,  in the southern state of Karnataka.

It is customary to ask emerging bathing beauties ,  the secret of their beauty.

I just did.

And I hope Kareena Kapur, Aishwarya Rai et al , learn from them .....

(photo by Ganesh Balaraman)
What is the secret
of your beauty ?

Mass baths
with friends,
in a large Gajanur tub;
Clean water
unpolluted by
oil, trash, and sewage;
Personal loofah scrubbers
going flat out
on my back;
Snorting soap water
at inquisitive birds,
watched by
emerald beauties
in the mountains
doing a slow rise
from the
blue water depths,
a la Dimple Kapadia.

My "saundarya ka raaz"*** ?

Lux ?


Just Lots and lots of Luck(s)....

*** saundarya ka raaz = secret of beauty

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