Thursday, December 22, 2011

Strength of a PitBullian Mind.....

When I saw this photo of a Pitbull terrier posted by FB friend Sanjeev Hirudayaraj, I was speechless. I went back to it again and again.

The expression was amazing, and I kept wondering what must be going through the mind of the Pitbull.It wasn't a case of all brawn.  There was, it appeared, plenty of brain.

See this page for some more evocative pictures of man's best friend.

(photo by Sanjeev Hirudayaraj)
Fresh from a skirmish
shaking off the dust
and panting
in an adrenaline flood,
I am amazed
and angry,
at what I see...

They call me
a PitBull,
mean ,dangerous,
a dog trained to fight
and attack.

I know some people like that
who train abroad
and attack
the mother country.

Some live within,
and attack
and hurt,
with their dangerous behaviour.

Teachers being caned
by police
in Punjab,

Underage drunk drivers
driving wild
homeless sleeping folks,
and then
being gifted bail...

with a single point
power agenda
wasting money in crores
by holding up Parliament...

being denied infrastructure
while ten times that
is spent on
issuing newspaper ads
the great departed
in politics...

Those at the top
setting bad behaviour examples
to those looking up

Crores being paid
to someone
to dance with missing clothes
there is no money
for hospitals
and police housing.

Yes, I'm trained to fight,
small kids
cry when they see me,
as they say,
I am nothing much to look at.

But I have a mind,
I look around
and I am disgusted.

Tell me,
with all this going on ,
is there any reason
I should smile.....


  1. Of course not. there is nothing to smile and my dear friend, you have every reason to feel disgusted at the pathetic humans around you.

  2. i agree with the pit bull and am disgusted!

  3. I would smile if I were a neta.

    You chose a stunning image and left me panting as you marched ahead, line after line.