Saturday, December 10, 2011

Celebrating Dawn....

Blogger friend Magiceye,  came upon this amazing fluorescence , a celebration of Chrysanthemums,  in his balcony garden early  this morning,  immediately captured all the blooming attitudes  with his  Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V phonecam, and posted it on his Mumbai Daily blog.

As he says, "Straight out of camera. No edits.   .....and No, this is not a promotion for Sony." 

Sometimes, dawn, pearly-orange-pink-silk, with pale gold centres, and a profusion of background green,  reminds one of something else....:-).

Mostly in Marathi, but sometimes in English too ....:-))

(photograph by Deepak Amembal magiceye)

शिशिरातील  मंद पहाट,
आकाशातल्या देवाला निरांजन लावून
उजळलेली पूर्व ,
मोतिया रंगाच्या नउवारी  पैठणी ,
पारंपारिक सोनेरी नथी घालून
हिरवाईतून   एकत्र घोळक्यात
चाललेल्या  पुष्पाताई व मैत्रिणी ...
काही छोटे बाजूला गाल फुगवून रुसलेत,
मागे बसलेल्या आजी त्यांना समजावतात ,
"उद्या तुम्हाला पण असंच
लवकर उठून सजून जायचं आहे ,
जरा धीर धरा,
आता काही दिवस आम्ही आहोत न सोबतीला ...."    

 Mild Mumbai winters,
and amidst
a sleeping populace,
they turn
in worship
to that God in the sky,
pewter pink gold
lamps lit up
in the east....

Young ladies,
in pearl-pink silk Paithanees****,
traditional "naths***"
in gold
adorning their fresh faces,
congregating together
to go visit
the temple,
making their way through
the cool shady green.

A few half awake little ones
all upset,
sit all puffed up
to one side;
and the older,
bent Grandma Chrysanthemums
shake their heads
and say,
"Don't worry,
you too, must follow thus
in a different dawn;
for today,
we are there for you ...."

***nath =  Traditional nose ornament worn by women in Maharashtra.

****Paithanee =  A particular silk and gold weave for sarees, traditional to Maharashtra, worn  in nine-yard (traditional) and six-yard(modern) sarees.


  1. Such beautiful flowers and lovely words to match -- as always! Enjoy your weekend!