Sunday, December 4, 2011

Learning from Mrs Asota....

FB friend Anand Amembal posted this wonderful photo of the Asota Ficus Moth, captured at the Ovalekar Butterfly Garden , which seems to be a popular haunt for butterfly photographer folks these days. It once again proves, why , despite the glitzy manmade artificial fabrics, those that are inspired by nature , like silks , inspired by its colors, will always be hankered after.

For a tiny moth, the Asota Ficus is very smart. Its Larvae feed on Ficus types (fig trees), which gives them some inbuilt protection in life, maybe in invisible color, or generated smell etc, from predtaors....

Nature works in amazing ways .....(and yes, what's it with Amembals and butterflies ? just saying..:-))   ..)

(photo by Anand Amembal)
Cool climes of winter,
gardens agog
moths and butterflies,
in parks and gardens.

The Painted Lady thistle butterfly,
the Red Admiral,
and the Monarch,
the Camberwell Beauty,
Beautiful Utethesia Bella Moths
flitting carefully,
minding their wings....

And Mrs Asota Ficus,
in a pale gold Paithanee Silk
and a Burnt Sienna blouse,
resting and mobilising
for a
flowery Haldi Kumkum
at the Ovalekar Butterfly Park....

Like so many
who learn to survive
in this big city,
little larva Asotas
feed on the Ficus types,
and this makes them
throughout life,
to predators....

Wish there was some Ficus Food
for us humans too
to keep away the corrupt predators....


  1. Brilliant!!

    aah all Amembals are nature lovers!

  2. Magiceye Thank you. Have learnt more about butterflies in the last few months, than I did i the last 60 years :-)