Saturday, December 31, 2011

Birds, Herds, and Good sense.

The mudflats at Sewri on Mumbai's eastern seaboard,  are frequented by flamingoes and many other birds , thanks to  the marshy wet landscape, where birds lay eggs for hatching, knowing that predators like wild dogs and wolves will keep away from unmangeable wet slippery sand.  Closer to the waterline, birds often feed off fish and insects, blithely ignoring the shaky sands.

My blogger friend, Magiceye, posted this as part of his Saturday Photohunt -"Gather" series.  

There is so much one can read into photos of nature.  And there is so much to learn.

And sometimes, I think we evolved too much, too fast.

(photograph by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
Coastal land
wet with sea and marsh,
some hatch their eggs there,
some come to feed off
helpless fish,
some birds follow the herds,
some, fly around,
different feeding places.

Much like
prominent national places,
bright with power & lucre,
where some
stay and
immediately install
their young ones,
while some come
to feed off
attractive tradeoffs...
Like some folks
simply follow the big herd,
and some,
on the periphery,
take a chance,
at joining someone else
somewhere else.

The only difference is,
the birds in Sewri
hurt anyone,
and never
tell lies.


  1. Isn't that a fantastic herd of birds?? Love your words as always and, yes, so true! Have a very Happy New Year!


  2. wow... guess what, before i post photos on my blog now, i wonder how you's translate it into a lovely poetry!!!