Friday, December 9, 2011

Amidst One and All....

Making an appearance  on this blog after a long time, is my blogger friend Kavi Arasu.  At one point in my early blogging days, his very perceptive photos and amazing writeups  elicited  poems as comments from me. When it looked like I was trespassing majorly into his blogspace  :-)) , the idea of doing a poetry blog looked feasible, and this blog happened.  Today, I trespass into many peoples' blogspace :-)  with my poems, as comments, which then appear here.

Kavi  posts this intriguing and amazing photo in his latest post on his blog, Kavi's Musings.This is what happens when a perfect self-centred raindrop, falls in the midst of streaming rain water, flowing away from a tiled roof, and the two get going somewhere.

A bit like an exclusive California  almond falling into a stirring Payasam, and then finding out that it's fun  :-))

(photograph by Kavi Arasu)
live a discrete life,
holding themselves close
as they fall,
all wrapped up,
dark minded clouds
through various heights,
in an exclusive NRI fashion.

And then there's some
who revel
in being a drop
in the solution,
being pushed,
yet having fun
as part of a
flowing whole,
cascading in mirth.

An intial dunk,
some slow confidence,
and the earlier one
unravels in wonder,
lining up with the natives,
as they
joyfully drip
through the air
onto some
barely missing
a camera,
but making
it to the
kadhipatta**** plant....

****kadhipatta = curry leaf plant; curry leaves are widely used in traditional cooking.

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