Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dancing Eyes, Whirling Skirts

Blogger friend, author, yogini, and perceptive photographer Braja Sorenson, has lived in the UK,Australia and now resides in a little village of Mayapur, on the banks of the Ganga, in West Bengal, surrounded by and amidst joyful devotees of Lord Krishna.

She posted this visual, of the early morning flowers , gracefully doing their thing on her terrace, on her blog Braja's India.

She says the flowers dance.

I agree. :-)

(photograph by Braja Sorenson)

Early morning
invigorating breeze,
temple bells
and a flute melody,
the red ghagraas
held open wide,
whirl around
keeping pace,
watched avidly ,
by the little ones,
crouched below.......

To those ,
who just
opened their eyes,
they must appear
so still.......


  1. Your words complete the picture :)) Thank you Suranga, beautiful....

  2. Always the perfect words, Suranga! And always a delight to read!