Saturday, December 17, 2011

Should the Flamingoes fast ?

Friend of a friend, and now my friend, Sanjeev Hirudayaraj of London, posted this terribly expressive picture of the flamingoes. He has an entire wonderful set of these photographs posted here.

Given the current political scenario in India, where leaders of Civil Society are taking positions on issues of national importance,   the unfortunate decision of the Mumbai Authorities to build a bridge (for the benefit of 4-wheeler types; ever see a pedestrian on the SeaLink ?) going rough shod through the mangroves at Sewri on Mumbai's eastern seaboard , and the fact that so many flamingoes come and nest and breed in season every year in this mangrove swamp area, this visual simply sowed a seed of an idea  in my mind.

The Bombay Natural History Society view.

Note : Heights based on perception and not feet and inches. Hmm.

(photograph by Sanjeev Hirudayaraj)
Team Anna
at the Sewri mudflats,
the Mumbai
Mainland-Nhava Shiva bridge,
threatens to trash
the mangroves.

central and supreme
in the
time of Maun Vrat***;
Kiran Bedi
to the left,
adjusting her
mobilising to argue,
Arvind Kejriwal,
loudly and firmly
the strength
of the
flamingoes and pelicans
as they gather around,
supporting him.

Feet in water,
thanks to dredgers
destroying the swamp.

***Maun Vrat = Vow of silence , in protest.

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