Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Perils of Abundance

FB  friend, and versatile photographer,  Anand Amembal, posted the wonderful photo , of what I thought, was a butterfly faced with a choice.  That of a limitless source of nectar . To be sucked , through a single proboscis, from what look to be plenty of tubules in the centre of the flower. 

And the thought occurred to me as to what a greedy homo sapien would have done under the same circumstances .

And thereby hangs a poem.....

(photograph by Anand Amembal)
Smitten by the brightness,
sensing the food,
she alights
on the flower,
spoilt for choice.

So many
tube like
nectar holders
and just
one proboscis
to suck it all in.

She daintily dips
into the one close by
and then a few,
the eyes
checking in surround-sight
for others
with similar intentions,
similar tiny brains.

Some big brained
evolved bipeds
similarly spoilt
for choice,
go berserk,
thoughtlessly imbibing
everything in sight,
wasteful, and
mindless of
their actual need.

The perils of abundance.

Small brains,
thoughtful decisions,

huge brains
thoughtless acts...

No wonder
the bipeds
get diabetes
and the butterflies don't......


  1. Oh wowowowow.......... thank you madam for penning your thoughts so eloquently, on just a teeny weeny photograph of mine.... thank you very much.

  2. Beautiful,
    Less words- deep thoughts.
    Quiet blog - profound impact.