Thursday, December 8, 2011

Doors Wide Shut.....

Blogger friend, scientist, traditional foods researcher, botany scholar, long range (600 kms) bicycle rally trekker,  and yes, great photographer, Sangeeta Khanna, clicked some of these wonderful doors on her visit to a city she knows very well, Varanasi or Benares (as we desis call it).

A city, on the banks of the Ganga,  flowing with it in time ,  oozing with history, and loaded with architecture, that tells stories of the bygone societies, like a traditional kitchen recipe  with all its intricate details with ingredients and action. 

Read and see more about this on her blog here.

(all photographs by Sangeeta Khanna)
 Some Doors,
with double planks
nailed across,
the rooms
dark and suffocating,
damp and emersed
in centuries of depression.

Some doors,
with a willful design
harking back
to a time
the man
and his girl wife
emerged across the threshhold
a timid seven steps
into a carriage
going to the temple.

And some doors,
so loaded with
the weight
of old memories,
regardless of
artless plaster,
cement and sand covers,
the bricks
crowd, nudge and push each other,
blinking in the light,
trying to be
part of the new world,
yet taking care
that the locked main door
doesnt frown
on their wayward antics...... 


  1. These doors do talk, somethings we hear easily, and some mysteries we'll never know.

  2. Oh my god...i am embarrassed by all these generous praise conferred on me :)

    I agree with IHM that these doors actually talk...your words give them a new dimension :-)

    Thank you so much.