Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, wherever.....

My young blogger friend, published poet(Kieran :Dark and melancholic Poetry), travel and tourism professional, content writer, social media activist, and weekend tour manager for GrassroutesNickolai Kinny, thinks she needs to brush up on photography, and so is attending photography school. (That is, when she isn't communicating in English, Español, Français, and  Japanese...on second thoughts maybe she clicks photos in Japanese, while yelling in French....:-)    )

This was supposed to be an assignment on "Expressions". 

While looking through these will have you appropriating some expressions for yourself,  I wondered at first how the photographer managed to keep a straight face.

She didnt. The photographer and subject is the same !   Enjoy and tell which you liked the best !

(all photos and expressions by Nickolai Kinny herself)

You dont need
any words,
the entire alphabet
does somersaults
on your face;
sleeping D’s,
expansive V’s
flat out I’s,
flattened M’s
there’s even Pi
on the nose.

 Having said that,
I wonder
how the photographer
a straight face;
or didnt she ?

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  1. Ha ha ha thatz cute :) My fav is the sugar high one!