Thursday, December 29, 2011

Desert Beauty

Blogger friend, wonderful travel writer, and a someone who simply loves travelling SOLO , and has done so across many countries, Nisha Jha , was someone I first met at a Mumbai blogger meet in November .  Since then , I have been a regular reader of her FaceBook page Le Monde-A poetic travail, and her website .

She has a sharp eye for beauty, and the one below was captured on film at the Annual Pushkar Camel Fair  in Rajasthan. And no, she didn't say what the camel said to her .

For other visuals of what actually happens there ,do read her account of it .  Lots of brown beauties, possibly dudes,  rural fresh food, and tattoos. All this happening as the desert moon slowly waxes to its full size in the Indian month of Kartik.

I guess you never see that at Miss World and Mr Muscle.......

(This poem  is scheduled to  appear as a guest post  on Nisha's Le Monde: A poetic Travail, on December 29, as she possibly makes her way through the rice fields in Cambodia.....)

(This amazing capture by Nisha Jha)
Not for nothing
do they call me
the Queen if the Desert.

The Pushkar fair
is when
us ladies
are at our best.

Heavily lidded
kajolled eyes,
lashes delicate
and floating;
eyebrows are not
in fashion
but like your
society types,
with multipierced ears,
I had my nose
specially pierced,
to display
my gold heirloom noserings.

A regular regime
Fair and Lovely
and L'oreal Paris,
and I am ready
with Lovely folks
at the Fair.

Special neckwear,
brilliant nostrilwear,
a sand facial,
to get even fairer,
and I've been
the pout...

Did I just hear someone say,
"Angelina Jolie
Eat your heart out !..."

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  1. Thank you very much for so encouraging & kind words. I am humbled and yes, a little embarrassed too. :-)

    Your words have given my photo a new dimension.
    Thanks once again.
    P.S.- At present I am in Thailand, will proceed to Cambodia in the new year. :-)