Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Power Beneath the Wings....(edited)

Sangeeta Khanna is a versatile blogger friend, who goes on Himalayan bicycle treks, takes great photographs, cooks amazing recipes, and knows loads of stuff about plants because she is a trained scientist.

I recently came upon this photo , posted by her friend, a young Vipul Bansal  on FB, and it said "dedicated to Sangeeta Khanna"..... 

This is such an amazing photographic find, redolent with life meanings. There is a message somewhere in there.  For all of us....

original photo found here
something to confuse,
but actually
all about
your own space
in the air.

Some have fancy profiles,
aerodynamic shapes,
pilot beaks
luggage tails
and often
fancy twin engines
revving up
on two sides,
which are ignored and jettisoned
when dumb
in crisis times....

And some,
in brilliant colors,
happily plump,
with all encompassing wings
that help it soar,
and sometimes,
when the
two little life engines
are still new,
the wings
open and enfold them,
doing a vertical takeoff,
teaching them
what flying high is all about.

We've really never learned
that success
is all about
teaching someone
to fly high with you,
and never about
how to jettison folks
who are problematic to you......


  1. Sangeeta's capture is gorgeous and very moving and your words are the perfect match! And how true they are!! Wonderful!


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  4. superb capture and wonderful verse!!

  5. Such beautiful meaningful words to complement this wonderful picture. The picture and the poetry, both will always be imprinted in my mind for ever.

    Thank you.

  6. Sylvia This is not photographed by Sangeeta. Its a wonderful photo from the Net, (see link). But very inspiring !