Friday, February 17, 2012

Bozoical Maya.....

Once again, we are back with Bozo, Mumbai's only dog-with-his-own-blog.

For a minute I thought it was Bozo  looking at himself in the mirror.  The next minute it was clear (to a photographically incompetent person like me), that taking a photo like this wouldn't be possible.

Turns out , that Bozo's mentor and chronicler of his Life and Times, Magiceye, did some tricks. No, its not a case of twins separated at birth meeting up at Magiceye's.

He used the fx application on his Sony Ericsson phone, to discover Bozo's twin.  (All Greek to me )....

It inspired  some poetry, first in Hindi , our National language. And then one, in English. 

(Magic tricks by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
सामने ये कौन आया , मन में हुई हलचल ,
मेरे जैसा ही दीखता है, मै तो हो गया पागल,
मै हात उठाऊँ , तो वो भी करता है अनुकरण,
क्या करून समझता नहीं, क्या जाऊ मै शरण,
मै पास गया तो वो भी आया मेरे पास ,
वैसे , मेरा कोई लगता नहीं वो ख़ास ,
मै मच्छी का अस्वाद लेऊ, तो उसने भी खाया ,
मेरे पास दीपक आये तो उसके पास भी पड़ी छाया ...
अगले रोटरी मीटिंग में बोलना पड़ेगा , किसीने देखि है ऐसी माया ?

My disbelieving mind
wavers and wonders
what I see
before me...

So identical,
it drives me mad..

I get up,
he gets up;
I raise a paw,
he does the same to me;
and when
I move towards him,
he fearlessly moves towards me...
He gobbles fish
when I do,
when Deepak
comes and stands
behind me,
he shows a shadow
next to him!

Life is all about illusions and Maya !

(Woof ! Must tell them
the Rotary Club Meeting
when I attend next)!


  1. Haha! Indeed life is Maya. :) The other day Luci was puzzled and quietly moved away from the mirror. The best thing was when she saw me unexpectedly in the mirror. Thinking it was someone else she started barking (informing me: Intruder alert! Intruder alert!)

  2. What philosophy from Bozo's perspective! And the Lions Members sure would benefit from his superior intellect :)