Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Life and Times of a Samosa......

Photographs of the ordinary and mundane are often replete with meaning. And so when my blogger and FB friend Magiceye posts photographs of everyday stuff, I search for a hidden meaning :-)

Mundane or not, this very mouthwatering visual, sort of weakens a firm mind.
But there is a solution .....

Eating imbibes calories. Poetry hopefully doesn't. .....

So.  Bon apetit !

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
Its been
A hard life,
from a soft existence,
to facing
drippings of hot oil,
surprisingly cold water
and then
a life altering
palm and finger massage.

Mr and Mrs Samosa,
now totally wrapped
the activities
of their potato kids.

The missus,
holding the kids close,
wrapping her palloo
around her shoulders;
The man,
used to all this
the other potato kids
stands alongside.

Chaos reigns
as they slip into hot oil
and they clutch the kids closer,
to keep them from
feeling the Heat of Life.

A temporary reprieve,
and they rest
on a cool white surface,
some green sympathy.

Bravely facing
a human
with shining eyes
and a watering mouth.

Ma and Pa Samosa .

A family,
that gets together,
grows together,
suffers together,
and ends their life together,
in a harakiri
of human greed.....


  1. Now will have to stop eating samosas :(

  2. Hehehehe :D..a poem about samosa!

  3. That is a mighty tragic song of Samosas! It has somehow risen above the image.

    ps. Your blog does not appear to be nightowl-friendly. The sudden burst of music wakes the entire household up! Would you rather provide an option for playing it or keeping it all quite?,

    1. Thank you ! And pl check. The blog is now nightowl friendly . Can now click to play . And spekaing about owls, do check

    2. Checked and noted what I thought. Do check out my guest post at Zephyr's blog: