Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Jealous Lunch

There is nothing more traumatic  (for  someone sitting on the top floor of an apartment complex, on a burning noon  in Mumbai, with no airconditioning, a tired ceiling fan, and a roasting room, )  than seeing pictures  of warm brownies, ice cold vanilla icecream, and a great chocolate sauce, and someone mentioning that they are having that as lunch !

My blogger friend Sangeeta Khanna  posted this picture on Facebook. She is not a mean person at all, but for a moment, a whole bunch of folks must have thought so.....

A warm brownie, a jug of sauce, and a dollop of icecream,  and tons of jealous friends  unable to share it    :-(     :-))

(STOP PRESS !  Omar Khayyam changes his mind :  Modifies his requirements from loaf of bread and jug of wine to the above ! .....:-)....)

(photograph and eats  by Sangeeta Khanna )
Languid in
folds of
liquid chocolate,
under a blanket of vanilla,
she rests;
fresh from a
warm oven bath,
breathing in the aroma
looking up at
the lady
poised to
tilt the jug....

A few rivulets of
chocolatey tears,
flowing down the sides,
and the lady relents
and keeps
the jug aside.

It's time
for the silver spoon
and the brownie to
finally meet
and rise
and watch the
in the lady's eyes.....


  1. Mmmmm, delicious. I could almost taste the goodies. Thanks for sharing. I am not getting your posts in the email though i have subscribed. Tweets are the only way I see them. :)

    1. Zephyr, me too ! ...(rushes off to look for some ice cream in the fridge....)

  2. slurp. Now I need to have this asap!

  3. ha ha...we found our new Omar Khayyam :-)

    1. Except he will probably prefer not having "thou beside me " to share the good stuff !

  4. Brilliant Suranga. Your words do more than justice to the picture :)

    1. Shail, Thank you. Here , have some brownies. I can almost taste the stuff here :-))

  5. My cravings for ice cream and brownies just got stronger, Mr Khayyam:)

    Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

    1. Kajal, Thank you and welcome to the blog ! The best way to enjoy these goodies is virtually ! Satisfies the eyes, and no calories....:-))

  6. I love the first para. Mumbai weather is acting strange, isn't it. I've added you on google plus.

    1. Lu Ka , thank you ! Was unable to see your profile though ....