Sunday, February 26, 2012


My blogger friend, Braja Sorenson is an author,poet,yogini,spiritualist and photographer, who lives in Mayapur, West Bengal.   This at the confluence of the Jalangi tributary of the river Ganga, near Navdvip.
Braja has posted this wonderful visual in her blog, Braja's India

Mayapur is reachable by boat across the river.  Although certainly not the type shown here.  But it makes you more appreciative of river transport of varying types. Not necessarily having to do with masses.

And possibly having to do with a old wizened fisherman, much like his boats, who drifts along the Jalangi to catch fish; sometimes to sell, sometimes to eat.

I sense a poignant parallel between him and the boats...

(photograph by Braja Sorenson)
Shoals of fish
with the tributary
to wash their sins
in the Ganga...

He sits,
fourscore and more
lined with age,
rich with hair silver,
sensing the net pull
as he
struggles to get the catch
of the day.

the other boat
she comes along;
Younger in age
but looks older,
lines of age and slog
held together
by firm beliefs.

On a good day,
the fish sit with her.

On other days,
she just watches the fish,
as they bypass her
to reach the Ganges
for a newer life
in a bigger world.

The fisherman sighs.

This is
much like his kids,
who have gone
to Kolkata,
to a newer life
in a bigger world,
leaving him and his wife
deeply lined
in worry beside him,
in aged desolation,
awaiting them
on the sands
of time.


  1. It is a stunningly powerful poem. I sat still and read it over and over. The symbolism and the imagery just sucked me in.

    I couldn't have agreed with Leonard Cohen more.

    1. Thank you. This visual just grows on you, almost spitting out the words..... Take a bow, Braja !

    2. You make everyone's images come to life; your words are magic....thank you knowing you :)

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