Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sometimes hunter, sometimes hunted....

My blog friend, one-time fellow competitor, cricket fanatic, trekker, innovative cook, photographer, and in his spare time, a financial advisor and planner, Dhiren Shah, recently went on a visit to Pirotan, an Arabian Sea area in the Marine National Park, Jamnagar District of Gujarat state (on India's west coast).

He was participating, in Anubhav , a marine camp with Anala Outdoors.   This was a camp for kids to learn about marine wildlife,  admire them, learn and have fun with them, and understand that they need not be afraid of any  denizen of the sea.  And that one must not provoke animals etc.

See all his pictures here and here.

Like in many other things, real life intervened, and the kids were also shown the  seafood industry  set ups.  Fishermen with the catch.  Lifeless fish heaps. They saw many of those, captured, dead, and prepared for export,packing and sale. 

One of those,  a post-life picture of a baby ribbon fish , possibly wondering about the use of the sharp teeth now,  and the expression in the eyes,  got the mind-wheels churning....

 P. S.  As you might have guessed, I am a pucca vegetarian....:-))

(photo by Dhiren Shah)
I move around
in oceans
minding my on business,
for long swim-treks
with friends,
taking great care
not to mess up
as we pass by
amazing coral reefs
and marine flora and fauna.

What amazes me
is when biped fellows
who come to enjoy the oceans
just like us,
get their kicks
out of
catching us,
asphyxiating us,
and then,
displaying us,
"Good God ! Look at that !".....

That's what I was about to say,
when they caught me:
"Hey Bhagwan !
Will these guys ever realize,
should another
stronger civilization exist
and discover the earth,
this will
exactly be the look
on the faces of the bipeds
after being caught...."

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