Monday, February 27, 2012

My this telomeri, telomeri di !

A friend recently posted this

And I need to applaud. Wildly.  Perhaps poetically

But first a word about telomeres. ...

Our genes/chromosomes replicate during cell division , which is what growth is all about. Many times , in the process, the ends of the chromosome/gene strings or DNA sequences, get corrupted or fused with neighboring strings (just like stitching two ends of cloth together, reduces the length of stuff), and this changes the nature of our chromosomes in unpredictable ways, causing various health problems, Big C etc.
But nature has gifted us with telomeres which are buffer spaces at the end of the chromosome/gene string, which face this, without allowing a mess up in the length and composition of the actual DNA/chromosome string.

My friend, You are really, your own telomere!

Some chromosome and DNA strings,
like misguided kids
who idolize goons,
try to replicate badly,
messing up the surroundings
in dangerous ways....

But not
if you are your own telomere,
straightening out
the genes
commanding them to behave,
a chemo storm,
and sometimes
through the
lightening of radiation;
but almost always
and mostly
by exercising
those genes that
sing out
loud and clear,
"I can, I must, and I will"....

every storm
tangles with dark clouds,
and every gale
bends some tough backs,
but only
a few,
straighten up again,
brush off the sand,
squeeze away
the depressing drops,
and look upon the jungle
collapsed tree branches,
as something
helps you climb up,
smile at the Sun
in a new dawn,
and sing
at the Top of your voice,
"My this telomeri, telomeri di !"


  1. Wonderful Suranga !!
    Touched me...we can always will what we want, just the wanting should be strong enough. Truly wonderful. And thanks for introducing such a wonderful person. I am hooked to Farida's blog.

    1. Thank you, Sangeeta ! You know, most folks let other people define the boundary conditions of their life. In her case, she did. And how !

  2. Nice to find your blog. Truly the life you are celebrating is a great one. Your poem too (which I read there first) is very touching and meaningful.

    1. Thank you , and welcome to my poetry blog !

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog and also for considering my narcissist post good enough to recommend here. You are one of the very few bloggers I got to know through blogadda. Your thoughts are so different and wonderful.. the science connection of poetry is really amazing. Keep blogging.

    1. Farida, I didn't think your post was narcissistic at all. What needs to be said, needs to be said. So all of us can learn. I have been reading your posts since discovering you on Blogadda too ! I am fascinated by the human body design, and often see meanings in why things are the way they are. I thought you were a telomere of the highest type. Hence the poem.....

  4. Replies
    1. Shail, thank you ! (I hope no doctors are reading this :-))

    2. That is very good comment you shared.Thank you so much that for you shared those things with us.I'm wishing you to carry on with Ur achievements.All the best.