Friday, February 3, 2012

The Plot......

As children in school, we learnt the depressing fact, that parallel lines never meet.

In real life something else is true.

This is a non-mathematical-and-poetic AND/OR  non-poetic-and-mathematical response, to a young one who wrote a lovely poem about misunderstandings, egos, hurts, memories and doubts peppered with with obstinate outlooks.

If destiny plotted attitude vs time,  one might possibly see something like this.  (With a wild hope that the fibrillation happens at some time :-)....)

 (amazingly unscientific graph by me)

Parallel lines
were not
born that way.

They were sinusoidal
the enthusiasm
and belief
flattening out.

With some element of shock,
it is still possible
they may fibrillate
meet some day.


  1. hehehehe..somehow this reminded me of a signals and systems chapter..scary memories :D

  2. This is indeed lovely. And what a way to put it! Wow! Thanks for that harmonic poem of a wonderful imagination.

    Saw your comment on pri's blog and dropped by here.

    1. Thank you and welcome to this blog ! Harmonic poem ! Ha Ha !

  3. When you mentioned 'Parallel Lines', I could not resist pitching in.. Our mathematics teacher in class had a desi-lingo and almost always ended up saying, "Pyarelal Lines".

    Today, whenever I speak, I consciously make it a point to pronounce it that way. It tickles me.. :)