Thursday, February 16, 2012

The HimHer Code

Municipal elections today in Mumbai. My blog and FB friend Slogan Murugan , who chronicles everything "Mumbai"  has posted amazing captures on his blog , Mumbai Paused .

Among many photos, this one on Acharya Donde Marg,  showing the presence of "law and order"  next to some signs, which inadvertently  make a complete hash of the combination of the universal icons for depicting male and female. 

The make shift government-issue-chair-palanquin  actually meant for the old and handicapped citizens, actually brought to mind  the second photo below(sourced from Google) ; a son carrying his aged mother to the voting booth .

One an action from the head, and the other , from the heart.

(first photo by slogan murugan)
There is her
and there is him,
and there's the Law..

He and she slog
to work
through surging crowds,
asphyxiating train rush
return home
to worry about
children and
life again
the next day.

she is so bent
with age,
the grounds come up
to meet her
when she stands;
so he carries her,
his special responsibility,
to cast her vote.

on a fancy road paved
with tiles of the future
the Powers-that-be

make a hash of "him" and "her", 
cursed with
the lack of clarity.
Him and Her,
they walk,
shuffling, supported and carried
right over the sign,
while those with handicapped minds,

they also serve
who only sit and wait ?

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  1. A good SON..

    I dont think those who only sit and wait they serve anything ...