Sunday, February 12, 2012

Strawberries (and Papaya) with Cream .....

Strawberry season here in Mumbai, and FB and blog friend Magiceye, posted a wonderful photograph of strawberries, which got some one's taste buds tingling. There was a suggestion about Cream.

And lo behold,in minutes,   Magiceye posted an amazing visual of Strawberries and Papaya pieces, immersed in each other in a wonderful cream that smothered them.

Here in Mumbai, fruit vendors will sell strawberries, packed in small cardboard boxes, lined inside by leaves from the native farm. Some folks who think they are modern but are environmentally unaware, continue to sell them in plastic boxes. The sturdy Papaya, is found, many times, wrapped in a newspaper sitting with its contemporaries, and emerges out only when the vendor tells you that he is a good piece to take home.

Naturally , it gave me ideas. ....:-)

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
A bridal red,
Strawberry Tai
sitting amidst
her relatives and friends,
on a carpet
of green leaves,
by her family
before she left the hills.

She goes through
some tumultuous times,
in a bag
with the
rowdy bananas
and phoren-returned apples
all together
with an unusual
wrapped in a newspaper.

Times have changed.

it's Papayabhai, the groom,
who comes covered
with newspaper,
for his own good;
while the bride
giggles and nudges her friends.....

Some pre-wedding jitters,
and they arrive together
at the
cool white grounds,
absolutely in pieces,
on their Big Day.

The auspicious time
has come,
and Strawberry Tai and Papayabhai
simply clutch each other
as the  wedding guests
shower them
with dollops of fresh cream,
amidst a confetti of sugar....

Despite 14-2-12 = 0
They celebrate Valentines Day !


  1. aah the cool white grounds...slushy,slippery. Temptation at it's best :-)
    I just had finished a yogurt with cubed Kiwi and this picture took me to another land ....your poetry always brings new meaning to the mundane.

    1. Can imagine the Kiwi green dupatta added to this picture ....:-) I've just realized that with all the dosa , bhel, and other poetry, I might acquire an attribute of greedy . But the pictures as SO good ! Dying to see your Kiwi yogurt pictures ...:-)) . Thanks again !

  2. Papaya and Strawberry celebrated Valentines Day? I love your imagination...yes, nowadays papayas come covered in newspapers! Wedding guests shower them with dollops of fresh cream amidst a confetti of sugar...Beautiful, Ugich!

  3. My husband liked the strawberries first! Sangeetha's picture is 'picture perfect'...beautiful, juicy!

    1. Sandhya, Thank you !... Writing a poem about all this is so much preferable to being greedy and hogging the stuff ....:-)

      And a small correction. The picture is by Deepak Amembal, not Sangeeta ...!

  4. Apart from your post I liked Leonard Cohen on your page...

  5. Suranga you are a wizard with words (or should it be witch?) :P This one is absolutely delectable. Strawberry tai indeed :)) Whew, finally posted it the comment!

    1. It's probably "witch"...:-) And Thank you for the nice words. I thought the fruit was tres delectable too !

  6. What a delicious post, and fabulous imagery!