Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stork Satyagraha

My FB friend, and photography enthusiast Nandan Tavanandi encountered this bird on a trip to Bhavnagar area of Gujarat (on India's western coast), and immediately labelled this stork as stubborn.

Maybe,  because they were trying to forge ahead on this path, and the bird knew that it was , possibly, not allowed, there being a bird sanctuary in this area.

This ability to abide by the  strength of your conviction, and follow through with action, just brought to mind another BIG entity*** who originated somewhere in this region too.....

(photo by Nandan Tanavandi)
Our home,
Velavadar Black Buck National Park
and Piram Bet
near Bhavnagar,
rich with
tropical grasslands,
getting trespassed.

Green means different things
to those
erect and sell buildings
and those
fly in
to nurture young ones.

One jingles
and the other waves
in the breeze.

those who should know better
refuse to read
and tread dangerously,
I must do my duty,
come what may.

And stop them
from going where
they shouldn't....

Like the Big man
from my region said,
"Be the change you want to see"......

***The Father of the Nation...

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