Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sheet Observances.......

Blog friend Braja Sorenson, who is settled in the sylvan environs of Mayapur-on-the-Ganga  after sojourns in Australia, New Zealand,  and who describes herself as an author, spiritualist, yogini, poet and photographer, posted this wonderful photograph on both her blogs, Lost and Found in India   and  Braja's India.  

With a wonderful quotation from Rumi.

For some folks immersed in the daily semi-spiritual process of living far away amidst urban nitty gritty matters,  this visual spawned some different thoughts.  And one is amazed at the persona that one imagines, just from a picture of crossed trouser-clad feet,   resting on what looks like an observant bed sheet.

(photograph by Braja Sorenson)

Some feet
of the ages
shod in coverings,
"smooth as silk"
by exfoliation
in an idle life.
The bedsheet is not impressed.
The candidate has no initiative.

Some feet,
of the ages,
having climbed up
in the world
on a tough staircase;
Sometimes in bad footwear,
Some cuts, some hurts,
but treated in time,
the feet showing signs
of the traversing
through dark alleys.
The bed sheet respects, and
offers a cool soft support....

Some feet
of the ages,
still trudging on bare skin,
pulling life's handcarts,
loaded with young and geriatrics;
The heat sears the sole,
deadening feeling;
but not in the heart
and the soul...
There is no time and place
to rest back
and put the feet up.

The bed sheet searches,
unsuccessfully ,
finds no feet
to support and wrap;
And notices,
just a small toe-ring
that rolls away
glinting in the noon day Sun.


  1. Beautiful....

    Those are the feet of my spiritual master, who died ten years ago today. He's wearing sannyasa cloth, but his feet are up on a bed sheet, yes.

    1. Great post, what you said is really helpful to me. I can't agree with you anymore. I have been talking with my friend about, he though it is really interesting as well.