Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adai's with Grace

My friend Magiceye not only enjoys the various varieties of south Indian Crepe/dosa varieties, he has the patience to actually click deliciously focussed pictures , before getting mobilized to devour the stuff.

Adai's are  a special variety of high protein crepes or dosas, not as thin as the standard dosas that are even stiff at times.   Three types of lentils, and rice, soaked for several hours and then ground together with seasonings. Very filling, very traditional and very yum with some terrific chutneys.

A golden happening. And it seems quite possible that the adais got their nomenclature from an urdu word !

fresh from worldwide appreciation
tended to forget
his origins
in the company
of a puffed up Idlibai.

He hadn't counted
on the granddames
of Dosa Society,
who held firm views
on the flibbertigibbet paper dosas,
who always behaved stiffly
and unfriendly,
breaking into pieces
at the slightest movement.

And so arhar amma,
udad amma, and chana amma,
immersed themselves
seriously in the proceedings
and  nicely soaked,
got minutely
crushingly involved,
really mixing well
scintillating item numbers
red chillies,
bright turmeric,
green curry leaves
and asoefoitida .

A good stir with the ladle,
and its like the
conservative ammas
take a palloo over the other shoulder
maturely leading the way
on to a hot oiled gridle,
to create a
great "adai."

so called
it has to do with the
delicate "adaa"'s
by the ammas.....


  1. brilliant the way you have versified the recipe!!

    1. Thank you ! I think the world must envy you for all the great stuff you keep clicking and eating.....:-))

  2. Suranga, this blog must be the only one of its kind -- a mix of food, poetry and politics blog. your description is so graphic, it leaves little to imagination and a good recipe to boot :D

    1. Zephyr, thank you ! The nice part , is that these recipes are not native for me, and so when the wonderful photo inspires words, I also end up researching and knowing the recipe !

  3. Aha...this pic is certainly drool worthy and the matching words is seriously making me think of doing it today... :)

    Thanks for reminding me Suranga... :)

  4. We had adai this morning and as you say it is very filling...I read out your words to my husband too! When I was making adai, my mind was blank. Tomorrow I am making 'pulichcha adai' (sour adai), thinking about your words!