Friday, May 25, 2012

The Music of Politics

My blogfriend IHM posted these three amazing  photos on her blog today, as part of a Thursday posting on the subject of Music : "Musical Instruments on  GulMohur Tree".  Of course, Delhi , with its wonderful green spaces,parks and gardens  gives the Mynah birds a wonderful opportunity to make great music, besides allowing folks to photograph them in action...

I did hear the music, enjoyed it. But once the music died down,  it occurred to some that this was really a comment on political realities....

It was also clear, that we all manage to tolerate all the problems of the nation, simply because there is all this actual Mynah music happening around us....


Comfortably ensconced
from the orange,
green, white and orange
long scarves
it is time
to address
the masses,
protected by
some invisible
cool dark green
uniformed darting types,
other visible folk
of great prominence
standing behind.

A training of sorts
for them
in  making promises,
fancy announcements,
requests for votes,
highlighting promises
not kept by others,
and now made by themselves...

And like all children
watch and learn,
joining in
at slogan time
adding volume
to the noise,
only to graduate
one day,
to making their own
false promises,
their own loud speeches
on the same branch,
right behind  her,
she turns back,
very pleased,
and says,
"Well done, well done !"


  1. LOL Awesome Suranga!! "Well done, well done!" !! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I came over from IHM's blog, curious to see what you have written.
    I quite understand your disdain for politics.
    I share that disdain.
    I had included a short joke on politics in my previous comment but thought it wise to delete it later.
    We live in intolerant times these days.
    Cartoons have caused offense in Bengal and also in our parliament.
    Instead of getting you into trouble over my comment, that included that joke on politicians, I saw fit to delete that comment.

  4. Such transparent sarcasm.
    So 'well done' :-)