Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Someone's labour, someone else's fruit.....

My Blog  and FB friend Bhavesh Chhatbar potsed some amazing pictures of the monkeys of Jaipur.  With an intriguing title "Monkeys of Jaipur - Funny Terror"....

He also  describes in great detail how they run wild across houses, walls and fences, marauding food at will, and troubling people. So much so, that people are very wary and always keep their doors and windows tightly shut (monkeys can open windows), when there is a monkey gang in the vicinity.

Just remembered some others who actually do the same, but sadly, ordinary law abiding folks have no way to protect themselves there.   And then it also came to mind, that so many young folks , look up to, and follow the elders. 

Just saying. ....

(all photographs by Bhavesh Chhatbar)

Looking on
at the different
modus operandi
for different folks,
the little one wonders
he is cut out for it.

False Bravado
Polite threats
Lies masquerading as truths,
Showing muscle,
and grabbing the goodies.

He scratches,
contemplating an internship.
A rustle of leaves
and fur,
and the leader arrives,
on the stage
beside him,
craving hot action,
and stretches,
mobilizing muscles and thoughts.

Watch me , young fellow,
and learn,
how to be an intimidating leader,
grabbing at will
what isn't his,
marauding dwellings
and people,
striding with a fake sense of
and when
the investigators come,
stand watching from a distance
with a look of concern....

No education, no degrees,
no appraisals, no retirements,
just enjoying the fruits
of the labour

It's just that
it is someone else's labour.

Nishkaam karma ...
I work
without expectation
of the fruit of my labour....

What to do ?
It simply falls into my hands.


  1. lol...Suranga--you are atrociously delightful!!!
    "Nishkaam karma ...
    I work
    without expectation
    of the fruit of my labour....

    What to do ?
    It simply falls into my hands."
    You are humour personified!

    1. Bhavana, thank you. I'm so impressed by the philosophy of Nishkaam karma (not like the above, but for real) that I wrote this http://kaimhanta.blogspot.in/2011/10/heart-has-its-reasons.html after an emergency cardiac crisis that happened at home last year. Even our organs sometimes follow this....

  2. Replies
    1. Bhaveshbhai, thank you ! And so are your photos ! very inspiring ...