Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bozoical Music Psychology

Bozo, Mumbai's only senior-dog-with-his-own-blog   has become a bit upset.  Some of his friends have been barking, and threatening to bite strangers, and naturally, dogs are getting a bad name.

Bozo has been around, observed , and is a student of psychology, although no one ever thought of giving  him a degree......

He became all quiet and thoughtful one day after hearing a visitor talk about some barking dogs. Unlike some folks we know, he doesn't defend his brethren blindly, simply because they are dogs. Bozo is a well informed fellow,  and you need to hear his explanation... 

His mentor and chronicler, Magiceye, caught him in a very pensive pose....

Bozo's theory:

I have some friends who bite,
but that's
just like
you have friends
who hit and fight.

Really, really,
depends on the environment.

Irish research
says it depends on the music
you hear.

Those dogs
who shook their heads
listening to heavy metal,
got so agitated
they barked and fought
much like the
IPL fellows
listening to heavy money.

Those immersed
in grunge music
simply got confused,
tense, and hostile,
much like  politicians,
who hear
but don't listen
and simply react.

But those
who heard classical music,
and nodded at the
of Beethoven,
and Vilayat Khan,
developed a sense of calm,
and lay down,
forgetting bark and bite
on a cool afternoon
post lunch....

I belong to the last
and after the Mehfil,
Deepak decided to
click me
as an exemplary Senior.

this was my effort
at imitating Rodin's Thinker;
it's just
you cant see the paw
supporting my


  1. Bozo's really in a pensive mood, isn't he? Well done, S.

    1. Corinne, Thank you! Yes, I've always been enchanted by his expressions....

  2. //Yes,
    I have some friends who bite,
    but that's
    just like
    you have friends
    who hit and fight.

    Really, really,
    depends on the environment.// So true. I have seen dogs who are beaten and abused tend to become aggressive because that is the only way they have seen.

    1. IHM, Thank you ! I guess what you say is true for every living being. Nurture, Nature and all that....

  3. Replies
    1. Magicyeye, Thank you! It's all Bozo-magic....

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  5. The Thinker, indeed! Those are profound thoughts Mr Bozo, captured in her unfailing words by Madam Suranga, and in picture by Mr Deepak.

  6. Profound thoughts indeed, Sir Bozo! And Madame Suranga always knows the best way to express them! Bozo and Suranga magic are the very best!

    Sylvia and Sam

    1. Sylvia, Thank you ! And I didnt know that Bozo was a beneficiary of the Queen's 60th year-of-ruling celebration....I can see the Queen saying, "Rise , Sir Bozo", and he going, Woof !